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ti-an-guis uses folk music from the four corners of the world to create it’s own musical expression. The members of the group are experienced musicians from different musical backgrounds such as classical and contemporary music, Jazz and Brazilian music. The approach of the group is to play traditional music but not in a traditional way. Although each song leads to a research on the key elements of the music being performed, ti-an-guis adds and mixes musical elements of folk music from other countries creating a musical and multicultural melting pot.

“We don’t want to pretend we can play all traditional folk music in a traditional way and respecting all the rules. We play it in our way and we let ourselves be inspired by different cultures, languages, rhythms and keeping in mind that we are only borrowing part of somebody else´s reality….sometimes we are busier with rhythmical part, sometimes harmony, sometimes we just want to create the atmosphere that helps the lyrics to come out even more with its meaning.”


Lovorka Holjevac is a Croatian vocalist, improviser and performer residing in The Netherlands.
Her primary goal is utilizing voice as the vehicle of sound, not necessarily beauty – whether it is in everyday communication or in music. Her main focus is research and expansion of the vocal apparatus that gives her a plethora of sound possibilities in order to display different soundscapes. With ti-an-guis she sings in the original languages of the songs, and uses them as a basis for studying different vocal techniques to get as closely as possible to the origin of the song.
As a child Lovorka played classical guitar at the Primary Music school in Zagreb where she finished the full program. She also sang in choirs and backing vocals in numerous pop bands in Croatia. She always had a love for languages and production of vocal sounds, so in 1998, she started her speech therapy studies at the University of Zagreb. Since her musical background was much more prominent, she decided to switch one “vocal study” for another, and enrolled at Jazz Conservatory in Graz, Austria, where she had the pleasure of studying jazz singing for few years with Mark Murphy and Sheila Jordan. She always wanted to visit northern Europe so she continued her vocal studies at Jazz Department of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, where she obtained her BA and her MA degree. In the meantime, her interest in languages and possibilities of the vocal apparatus grew, so she expanded her vocabulary by studying extended vocal techniques and singing in many different languages. Next to many small and big jazz ensembles, through the years Lovorka was involved in the following projects: The White Noise Orchestra (collective instant composing on silence and low dynamic areas), DAMU (dance and music improvisation group), Eclectic Housewives (objects, vocals and electronics), and many collaborations on projects with voice and electronics. Nowadays she is primarily focusing on research in vocal folklore music from all over the world.


Carlos Henrique Jacques Anderson is a guitar player who started his musical education at the Centro de Investigación y Estudios de la Musica (CIEM) in Mexico City, his hometown, where he studied Classical Composition, Electric Guitar, Pedagogy and Music Theory. He obtained the 8th Degree in Classical Guitar and Music Theory in association with the Royal School of Music (GB). He also received the Musical Theory, Criticism and Literature Degree (AMusTLC) from the International Examination Board of the Trinity College of Music. He worked as a teacher for the CIEM and for the Escuela de Musica del Estado de Hidalgo. He finished his Bachelor in Jazz Composition at The Rotterdam Conservatory under the auspices of Paul van Brugge and currently finishing a Master degree in Classical composition. Carlos also participated in several ensembles playing different genres of music including Blues, Brazilian Music, Classical Music, Funk, Mexican Folklore, Son Cubano and Jazz. He is currently also a member of Los Paja Brava, an international group based in Rotterdam playing Latin cumbia. His work as an arranger and composer is currently being performed in Mexico, China and The Netherlands.


Vasilis Stefanopoulos was born in Greece and became involved in music from an early age starting with piano and guitar lessons. Shortly after this, he discovered the folk music of his country and started playing Baglama. In high school, he was involved in bands performing for celebrations. After gaining interest in performing blues, funk and rock music, he began taking bass guitar lessons at the Municipal Conservatorium of Patras from Andreas Georgiou. Soon after, he also decided to start classical double bass lessons from Heracles Soumelidis at the same conservatorium. After only two years of playing the double bass he appeared as a soloist with Hellas Orchestra of Patras.
Meanwhile, he became interested in jazz. After meeting the great bass player and teacher Hein van de Geyn, he moved to the Netherlands to study at the jazz department of the Royal Conservatorium of The Hague. Once in The Hague he was very lucky to be able to study with Hein van de Geyn, Frans van der Hoeven, Uli Glassman and Tony Overwater. During his second year of studies and wanting to explore and expand his musical and technical skills, he decided to join the classical department of the same conservatorium. He studied with the highly esteemed teachers Jean Paul Everts, Knut Guettler and Quirijn van Regteren Altena. During his study years, he was very active participating in various ensembles with styles of music ranging from big band to symphony orchestra, also including numerous smaller combos. Continuing his musical education, he completed a Masters degree in jazz also in The Hague.
Apart from his studies, he has been working professionally as a musician including both touring and recording. In 2008 he recorded with the Poly Quartet the CD “Perfumed Dreams”. With this same group, he won the International Jazz competition “Motives for Jazz” in Hasselt Belgium. The Poly Quartet has also been heavily involved in touring throughout Greece. As well, in 2008 Vasilis played with the great French clarinet player Michel Portal in the Athens Concert Hall. In the summer of 2009 he was selected to play with the world-famous guitarist George Benson at the North Sea Jazz Festival for A Tribute to Nat King Cole. Around the same time, he began playing with the cotemporary ensemble Modelo62.
He has participated with in numerous concerts and festivals including North Sea Jazz Festival, Play Festival Belgium, Tinos Jazz Festival, Jazz Festival Kalamata, Dag in De Branding Festival, Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt, New Works Festival Southampton, Festival Breaking the Waves, Internationaal Kamermuziekfestival Den Haag, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Bimhuis, Het Concertgebouw, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, De Doelen, Lantaren Venster, Axes Jazz Power, Philharmonie Haarlem, Dr Anton Philipszaal, Muziekcentrum Frits Philips, Vredenburg Leeuwenbergh, Athens Concert Hall, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Tou Scene, Het Nutshuis, Theater Kikker, Korzo Theater.
He has toured jazz clubs and festivals in The Netherlands, Greece, Germany, Italy, England, Norway, Sao Tome and Principe, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, France, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, China and The United States of America.
He has shared the stage with (among others): George Benson, Michel Portal, Tore Brunborg, Csaba Deseo, and Jon Luz.


Vicente J. Santiago Santiago started playing guitar at the age of 11. After his classical guitar studies at the Conservatory of Cartagena, Spain, he moved to Cordoba to specialize in flamenco music at the Superior Conservatory Rafael Orozco. His teachers were some of the most prominent Spanish flamenco players; Manolo Franco, Nino de Pura, Paco Serrano, Gabriel Exposito and others. In 2012 he received a scholarship for a one year study at the World Music Department at the Rotterdam Conservatory in The Netherlands. Next to his studies with the flamenco master Paco Pena, he joined different world and folkloric music ensembles playing Turkish / Anatolian music, Afro Cuban music, Brazilian music and others.
He has been participating in many masterclasses and workshops – from guitar technique to dance and singing accompaniment, with Manolo Sanlucar, Miguel Angel Cortes and Arcangel, Leo Brouwer, and Dani de Moro. All through the years, he has been playing as a soloist and an accompanist to singers and dancers throughout Spain. He has participated in some of the most important flamenco festivals such as Flamenco Biennale in The Netherlands and Festival Flamenco del Cante de las Minas in Spain. Nowadays he is working on different projects like Haymah, Vicente Flamenco Quartet and ti-an-guis playing different styles of music.


Javier Infestas Maderuelo was born in Segovia and raised in Salamanca, Spain. He started playing percussion at the early age of 8, when he began his classical percussion studies at the Elementary Conservatory of Salamanca. After finishing his primary music studies, he continued his musical education at “Conservatorio Superior de Salamanca” where he obtained his Bachelor in Classical Percussion in 2008. During all this time, he played in several young Orchestras, such as “Joven Orquesta Sinfonica de Castilla y Leon”, “Joven Orchestra Sinfonica Ciudad de Salamanca”, JONDE (Spanish Youth Orchestra) and JOICO (Joven Orquesta Internacional Ciudad de Oviedo). He collaborated with some professional orchestras, like “Orquesta Sinfonica de Castilla y Leon” and “Orquesta Sinfonica de Burgos”.
Next to his classical music studies and performances, Javier always had a passion for folkloric music, as well as rock music, so he actively played in different percussion groups, rock bands and flamenco groups.
In 2008 he moved to Rotterdam (The Netherlands), to expand his studies in classical percussion, but after 6 months he decided to give a new path to his career. He started focusing in folkloric music, especially Flamenco, Latin and Brazilian music, playing as member of many projects, such as Buyakano, Los Paja Brava, ti-an-guis, Haymah, Flamenco Verkeerd, etc.
Since then he has been touring and performing at many festivals and theatres around Europe such as Fusion Festival (Germany), North Sea Jazz Festival, Bardebtreffen Festival (Germany), Camac Festival (France), Kringjazz Festival (The Netherlands), Sommer Musik Fest (Germany), Bevrijdingsfestival (The Netherlands), Bremer Karneval (Germany), Dunya Festival (The Netherlands), Nacht van de Kaap (The Netherlands), De Wereld Rond (Belgium), etc.


ti-an-guis (2013)
label: SnipRecords
Lovorka Holjevac (vocals)
Francisco Medina (guitar)
Carlos Henrique Jacques Anderson (guitar)
Noa Stroeter (bass)
Pepe Garcia (percussion)

  1. 01 Bo ê die meu cretcheu


  2. 02 Ederlezi


  3. 03 So te kerau


  4. 04 E mousasa


  5. 05 La lucha


  6. 06 Los juiles


  7. 07 Ljubav se ne trži


  8. 08 Ia ma de co


  9. 09 Ey güzel kirim


  10. 10 M’bore


  11. 11 El aguanieve



“The success of ti-an- guis’ interpretations is a welcome demonstration of the potential for creative music in this increasingly small world.” Read more…

“Vocalist Lovorka Holjevac has an absolutely tremendous voice […] The musicianship on this record is absolutely first rate and this isn’t surprising when you read the CVs of the various members of the band. […] you really feel the origins of the music and the band’s interpretation of the music is very sympathetic – there is a definite jazz feel whilst retaining the folk roots of the original music.” Read more…

“This very adventurous material is full of fun with many surprising discoveries. It also has an honesty and authenticity that reminds one of folk music’s roots, mixing together new sounds with the natural joy of a diverse band playing music together.”

“The acoustic formation of female lead vocal, bass, two guitars (one a small Mexican jarana jarocha) and percussion covers the traditional Romani titles “Ederlezi” and “So te kerau” plus various Portuguese, Latin, Anatolian and Croatian tunes in a sparse style that hovers between the earnestly folksy and the cheerily campy.” Read more…

Tour 2017

March 16 2017 – Abcoude. De Hanebalken – 20.30
March 26 2017 – Vlaardingen. De Stadsgehoorzaal – 14.00
May 16 2017 – Amstelveen. Cultuurcentrum VU Griffioen – 20.30
December 9 2017 – Wadway. Theaterkerk Wadway – 20.30
March 9 2018 – Voorburg. Theater Ludens – 20.30


Tour 2016

January 16 2016 – Venlo. Theater de Maaspoort
April 22 2016 – Wittem. Kloosterbibliotheek Wittem
July 16 2016 – Den Haag. Grote Markt “Summertime Festival”
September 11 2016 – Berlare, BE


Tour 2014-2015

November 22 2014: Wadway. Theater Wadway – 20:30
January 16 2015: Rotterdam. De Doelen – 20:30
April 2 2015: Abcoude. Onder de Hanenbalken – 20:15
April 4 2015: Hellevoetsluis. Theater Twee Hondjes – 20:15
April 14 2015: Beusichem. Theater Heerenlogement – 20:30
April 17 2015: Deventer. Theater Bouwkunde – 20:30
April 18 2015: Hoofddorp. Schouwburg De Meerse – 20:30
April 23 2015: Alphen. Den Heuvel – 20:30
April 24 2015: Voorburg. Theater Ludens – 20:30
April 25 2015: Heiloo. Theater De Beun – 20:15
June 21 2015: Wijlre. Kasteel Wijlre – 16:00
October 10 2015: Oost Souburg. Razzmatazz Podium – 20:00
October 11 2015: The Hague. Korzo Theater – 18:15
October 25 2015: Horst. Podium Cambrinus – 16:00


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